” Basically it was awesome ! “

Jon Massey was heard to pass the above comment after a second day of good weather in Wales.
We drove to the foot of Tryfan on the Saturday morning and after slogging up to Heather Terrace proceeded to make a start on Second Pinnacle Rib. However some twenty feet up I was most unhappy. The cry of “This is never a v diff.!” was made and I hastily backed off. Moving along the terrace we settled for First Pinnacle Rib and made much better progress. Arriving at the Pinnacle we tried the Yellow Slab behind which is certainly a grade or two harder. Couldn’t do that either although I have in the past. So we dodged around it and continued more easily to the top. A bit of low cloud had drifted in and spoiled the view but no rain.
Next morning with the weather holding up we went to Tryfan Bach (Little Tryfan). Often derided for being a training area for school parties we had the place more or less to ourselves and got in four routes. They have all got imaginative names like Crack 1,Crack 3, Slab 3 and Left Hand Slab. The weather got better and better and by the time the sun came onto the face it just like summer had arrived. Probably won’t get weather like that in July!

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