New Year’s Eve


Having had enough of the bad weather, some of us decided to guarantee we had a dry day by heading over to the Ice Factor, in Kinlochleven, to climb.  Two different groups went and so I got to spend a very happy five hours there although I was forced to sit through two lunches which was, in my opinion, a waste of valuable climbing time.  IMG_4571.JPG

Back at the hut the food was being prepared for the evening’s feast and we were treated to a four course Mexican meal.  The chefs did a great job catering for the 20+ guests and became more and more creative with their presentation as the evening wore on and the wine started flowing.



More guests arrived brining with them four massive ice cream tubs full of shell fish.  Not what we’d been expecting as an offering but well received nonetheless. Apparently it then meant that my first words of 2012 were: “I can’t believe we’ve got so much fish!”  Not sure if that’s as lucky as white rabbits so I’ll have to wait and see what the year brings.

Following dinner there was, what is now becoming, the traditional quiz and then the champagne popping and Auld Lang Syne singing bad enough to win X Factor!

After more chat and drinking it was time to retire to bed and hope for better weather the next morning.  ALIM0206.JPG

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